RoundSpark – the intelligent healthcare rounding solution.

Engaging, purposeful, and cohesive rounding.

For patients, caregivers, and leaders.

By professionals — for you.

Crafted by the experts at Glance Software, LLC in collaboration with healthcare professionals.

Our unique approach is unprecedented and helps propel experience ratings in our client facilities.


Need to monitor facility status? Environment of Care rounds? No problem.


RoundSpark was crafted to help your care team record patient rounds.


Looking to monitor staff happiness and employee recognition? You got it.


Pharmacy inspections? Readiness checklists? We’ve got you covered.

We know healthcare.

At Glance Software, LLC, we believe that the right understanding and technological edge can lead companies toward a successful future. We always seek valuable feedback from our clients in order to learn and evolve. Contact us today to set up a meeting with one of our representatives or request a demo.

A few of our features…



RoundSpark enables organizations to complete multiple types of surveys quickly and easily. Instant notification can be leveraged through the issue management platform for complete visibility and resolution.



The dashboard feature of RoundSpark provides a quick ‘at a glance’ view of current rounds, access to various departments/personnel, as well as issue management and reviews.



We find that customer-driven improvements to the rounding technology leads to more complex use cases, analytics and reporting capabilities, and more interoperability with other technologies. 


Issue Management

The issue management module is an available option within RoundSpark designed to allow personnel and management to create, edit, modify, track, and close any types of issues identified during the rounding process. 



Interactive analytics allows for real-time visibility of all aspects of the RoundSpark solution. A simple overview can be used to allow for a quick peek into issues, surveys, and reviews; while the In-depth view lets you drill-down specifics.



RoundSpark has been designed from the beginning to meet and exceed all HIPAA security requirements using the latest data encryption technologies. This includes the latest rules and regulations in healthcare security.

Who We Serve

Health systems of all types and sizes need standardized, yet customizable, industry compliant patient engagement solutions to ensure consistency and improvement organization-wide. Rest assured, RoundSpark can provide innovative solutions to benefit you and your particular organization.

Primary and Managed Health Care

Physician’s Groups and Offices

Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinics

Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Facilities

Home Health Care and Hospice

Ambulatory and Outpatient Surgery Centers

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“To get to the heart of what we do as a care provider, we need to get beyond our frustrations with purposeful rounding efforts and beyond the perception that rounding is just another daily task in the day-to-day grind; but rather that purposeful rounding is purposeful work. Our clients and patients aren’t interruptions in our work; they are our work! A superior rounding tool offers a proactive strategy that helps us better manage our work and offer excellent service and patient satisfaction!” 

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